7 Reasons Why You SHOULD Watch Al Shahroura This Ramadan!

Originally published on Facebook on 4 May, 2011 at 20:36 PM:

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Heba Bsat – Every Ramadan, we wait ecstatically for the million Arabic TV shows that air in this season. But because they are so many, we end up watching the worst and missing out on the best…I’m gonna make the decision of what TV show to watch this Ramadan much easier, here are five reasons why Al Shahroura, a series about Sabah’s life, should be the first show to tune to in Ramadan!

Reason 7: Around The World in 30 Days!

It’s no surprise that Sabah lived a full life. And while she was doing so, she managed to travel all sorts of places.. and so will the series. Shooting took place in Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria. And the crew also made on transforming some sets to seem like they were in France and in the US. The show will visit Syrian and Lebanese villages that will sure bring life to you this season! The director also made sure to shed light on the Lebanese snowy winter in Al Shahroura, and while we’re sweating like pigs and dreading the weather, it will be nice to visualize ourselves in the snow! What’s also VERY interesting is that some of the scenes are going to be shot on the EPIC Baalbeck Festival stage, and to those of us who haven’t had the chance to go there, watching Al Shahroura will be one hell of a trip!

Reason 6: I’m A Survivor!

Remember when all hell broke loose in Egypt? As a result, a lot of the shows that were going to be released this summer got shut down. Some got postponed and others were canceled. However, Al Shahroura stayed on track with a steady pace not giving nature or politics a chance to slow down real art. And a piece of work like that DESERVES to get the attention it seeks. The actors and crew also had to endure trouble while shooting because they were in Egypt when the revolution erupted. So let’s pay them back by watching the show!

Reason 5: Music, Baby!

When it comes to Sabah, her songs are the most memorable of her era. Sure, we don’t listen to her in the early morning like Fairuz. But we do use her lyrics as modern proverbs, “Ya nas l denye doleb, tale3 nazel 3a darbo, bil tal3a ketro l a7bab, w bl nazli kellon harbo”..So how interesting would it be not only to watch a show but also listen to good music in Ramadan? Add to that that the outstanding Carole Samaha, who will be playing the unforgettable legend, will perform accapellas of Sabbouha’s songs. And whether you love her or hate her, it’s an agreed upon fact that Carole’s voice is one of the best in the business. So when you’re fasting, thirsty, and bored out of your mind.. you can listen to Carole to help relax your nerves ;)

Reason 4: Maleka 3al Ard

Did you hear the song Carole released especially for the show? It’s AMAZEBALLS! In a way or another, the song serves as a summary of what the show is going to be. And if the series is half as good as this song (Written By Ayman Bahjat Amar & Composed by Mhmd Yehya), the series is going to kick some serious butt. Plus, the song’s VC has some of the scenes from the show, and it’s more captivating than ever!

Reason 3: A-W-E-S-O-M-E LEBANESE Cast:

It’s not a secret that in Lebanon, there are a lot of actors who are less than mediocre. There are lots of actors whose performances make us change the channel. But it’s no secret either that there are several brilliant A-lister actors in Lebanon as well who make us very proud to be Lebanese. And well, A LOT of them are in this show playing characters we have heard of. Sure, many of them aren’t mainstream, but that’s because they’re awfully good. They’re so talented and serious about their acting career that they don’t take just any roles and the fact that they’re in Al Shahroura make it all that irresistible. Julia Kassar, Rafik Ali Ahmad, Antoine Kerbej, Darine Hamzi, Pierette Katrib, Carole Hajj, Issam Breidy, Youssef Haddad, Carmen Lebbos, Ammar Shallak, and more are starring alongside Carole Samaha in this BIG budget serial this Ramadan. And in a world where Lebanese actors don’t get much attention in Ramadan, Al Shahroura is proving that these underestimated actors deserve a chance!


All of us respect the golden age artists like Om Kolthoom, Farid El-Atrach, Abdelhalim, and the like.. But we’ve always felt like they’re distant from us because, let’s face it, we don’t know them. They died way before we were born, and all we have learned about them is because of our parents. However, with Sabbouha, it’s different. WE have watched her perform and talk, so it makes that more special to watch a biopic about her. It way more fun to watch a biography of someone we know and of someone we’ve followed instead of watching a biography of someone we have no clue who her/she is. Plus, I bet a lot of people want to know what went on in Sabbouha’s life. She always put on that HUGE smile, and it seems only sensible that she had many skeletons in her closet. The producers have promised us that a lot of secrets are coming out in this TV show. We have observed Sabah and a lot of us LOVE her, so here’s a front-row seat to her life.



Those who have watched Carole act in Rahbani plays or Lebanese TV shows know why this reason is the MOST important and deal-breaking reason! Carole is not only a reigning singing queen, she’s also an acting goddess since she did not only grow up with the talent but actually studied it in college. Those who have watched her know that she’s one of those people who can make your jaw drop. And those who DON’T know that side of Carole HAVE to watch Al Shahroura because if they don’t, they will be missing on amazing and unforgettable performance by a woman who acts with much devotion and passion. When she acts, Carole gives it everything making the character more believable than ever. And her resume in portraying historical figures is asimpressive playing characters like Moutanabi’s love, Khawla, Cleopatra, Sukrat’s student Theodora, and the fierce leader Zenoubia. And with all these roles, she has reassured us that she’s the ONLY actress deserving of playing such a memorable role like Sabah!


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