The Incredible Johnny Depp!

Originally published on Facebook on 28 October, 2010 at 14:34 PM:

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Heba Bsat – He’s what every girl wants. He’s the incredibly sexy bad boy, the amazingly charming father, and the magnificently intelligent artist. He’s the one and only: Johnny Depp. 

He’s this type of guy doesn’t give a damn about the fame and its privileges. He once said that his dream is to live in France in 1920s, and he actually made that true. (Without the 1920s thing) Johnny lives with his girlfriend and kids somewhere far far away from the noisy and messy corners of Hollywood. He’s not one of those who would jump at the very thought of publicity. He hates publicity. He’s a musician and an actor because art runs through the veins of his extremely appealing body.

Do you remember his roles as Willy Wonka, Edward Scissor Hands, Jack Sparrow, Mad Hatter, and Sweeney Todd? He made all of his viewers believe that he wasn’t acting those roles. He was living them. He was wearing them like a an opaque mask. The contradiction in the roles, the diversity of emotions, and the complexity of the characters he plays make Johnny Depp one of the very best actors of his generation.

Here’s my question, though, how come almost EVERY A-lister in the business has an Oscar except for this genius? He deserves it way more than all of these actors that portray ordinary characters than any actor could play. The roles that Johnny takes are a trademark to him only; no one could even present half of his talent in their movies. He’s one of those people that can play a chair if he wants to. He’s an exception in his business, for he’s not feeding off of his relationships and drama in his life to climb up that ladder. He’s not Brad Pitt and his romantic persuits. He’s not Russel Crowe and his numerous arrests. He’s not Mel Gibson and his always shocking statements. He’s different. he’s unique!

Johnny Depp reached the peak because of his undeniable and incomparable talent and for that he deserves not a standing ovation, not star on the walk of fame, and not an Oscar, he deserves something way bigger and stronger than that, something that hasn’t yet been invented! Maybe it’s because of the tragedies and heartaches Johnny has lived through that he is the person he is now, but no matter why he’s here, he will always have a special mark in the movie business!




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