“Snow White & the Huntsman” review: Wait, was Kristen Stewart actually good?

Originally published on Facebook on 3 June, 2012 at 21:27 PM:

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Heba Bsat – I watched the first Snow White movie, “Mirror Mirror”, back in March and I was utterly disappointed. It was one of the worst experiences of the year. But SWATH was the complete opposite. I enjoyed this movie SO much (and the incredible Chris Hemsworth) that I would watch it again in a heartbeat.

Granted, the first half of the movie was pretty slow. 30 minutes pass and nothing much happens. We learn the back-story of the queen and what she did to become the Queen. We meet Snow White. And then the story we all know begins to grow: The queen is not the fairest of them all anymore because a beautiful girl has become of age – Snow White is the fairest of them all now. And the Queen wants her heart, so that SHE will live forever; she sucks the life of every beautiful woman in the kingdom to stay young and not age (and not die, of course.)

The queen is portrayed by the beautiful Charlize Theron. Beautiful, she was. And yet she was beautifully (and frighteningly) evil. She screamed a lot in the movie – A LOT. And there were some weird/creepy scenes that involved her, but I think in a way they all made the movie what it was: dark, supernatural, and magical. This was no children’s’ movie. She scared the hell out of me in a lot of scenes, so I have to bow down to this incredible actress who always blows me away.

My favorite person in the movie, though, was of course Chris Hemsworth who plays the heartbroken huntsman. And no, it’s not Snow White who broke his heart. He is a good-for-nothing drunk when the movie starts but he becomes a hero by the end of it. And he saves Snow White so many times, you just want to kiss him. There is this scene he’s in in with Snow (Kristen Stewart) that just blew me away. He just speaks to her about his fears and his past life, and it’s AMAZING. And then something happens after that (I’m not telling you what) that made me scream with happiness inside the theater. It is somehow expected, but it’s too good to be true. Plus, I really enjoyed his character’s sarcasm and smile – yep, his smile killed me.

The biggest surprise, to me, though, was Kristen Stewart who is actually not as horrible as I remember her to be from previous movies (TWILIGHT!). She is, I daresay .. good – really good. It’s maybe because Snow White in this movie is more of a warrior princess than a Disney princess. But I really enjoyed her and found myself rooting for her on many occasions – even against Theron’s character. And that’s something I didn’t expect to happen. There’s this scene when she’s speaking to her people – inspiring them to go to war – that I think was particularly spectacular. But I’m sorry; Kristen Stewart isn’t fairer than Charlize Theron. Let’s be honest here.

The setting of the movie and the visual effects are, simply put, magical. It’s no wonder the movie cost 170 million dollars. The fight scenes actually look like fights scenes. They’re epic – in the literal sense. I don’t usually enjoy action filled movies, but I did this one. It is so suspenseful and such an adrenaline pusher. I found myself sitting on the edge of my scene waiting for what’s next.

The movie takes a lot of risks, a lot of which I applaud it for. When you watch the movie, you will realize that it’s not the typical princess happy ending. And even though lots of reviewers were kind of appalled by the ending, I loved it. I loved everything about the movie after the beginning of the second half.

And the music is AWESOME. One of the tracks that I enjoyed the most was one by Florence + the Machine called, “Breath of Life,” that I think is enough to let you in on the movie’s mood. DOWNLOAD IT NOW. And go watch the movie. I think I will again – soon.


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